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Our 4th Challenge is now open.

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At Scale My Clinic,

We know that you want to develop a winning team that provides outstanding healthcare to your community. On a personal level you would like to get better financial returns for your commitment and maintain a lifestyle that does not force you to choose between personal and professional life.

In order to do that, you need to create an impactful and sustainable business that allows your General Practice to thrive. We believe Clinic owners have made personal sacrifices and taken on significant risk to impact their communities. You deserve success and it's not right that you have to struggle alone against a system that does nothing but put obstacles in your way; whilst providing generous funding for far less efficient services.

We understand; we are General Practice Owners ourselves. We get it. Over many years, we’ve worked closely with other General Practice Owners to create impactful, enjoy improved financial returns and get their time back.


Co-Founder - M3Health and Co-Founder - Scale My Clinic


Founder & Director - Aged Care GP and Co-Founder - Scale My Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a free challenge. 

It is mandatory for the GP Owners to participate, your Practice Manager may join you.
We hope you won’t but, should you wish to drop out you only need to let us know.
You have to attend all 5 days.

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