The Successful General Practice

What they didn't teach you in Med School

As a doctor, you’ve dedicated your entire career to helping other people. Most of us want to have a deep and positive impact on our communities.

After all, that's why we start our own General Practices. Problem is, it doesn't always work out as we plan.

Medical school only taught us medicine. It taught us nothing about running a business. That's not our fault, medical school is only about medicine.

In this book, you will learn the strategies to set you up for success in your General Practice from people who have been there before. You will hear stories about other successful General Practice Owners just like you.

About the Authors

Dr Todd Cameron

General Practice Owner, Business Coach,
Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

Todd is a GP and opened his first clinic in 2003 in Caroline Springs. He and his team grew Modern Medical to a network of nine locations.

A founding Board Member of ASX listed BGD later Zenitas(ASX:ZNT) Todd switched from running medical clinics to conducting due-diligence and saving owners from their own mistakes. As a founder of Scale My Clinic, Todd’s personal mission is to give GP clinic owners their lives back and create financially sustainable GP Practices.

He does this by helping our members design better teams and systems which open the door to excellence.

Dr. Sachin Patel

General Practice Owner, Business Coach,
Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

During his early years running his own medical clinics, Sachin found himself caught up in urgent demands and struggling with feelings of overwhelm.

After travelling near and far to learn from some of the best strategic and spiritual thinkers in the world, he implemented their teachings and both he and his businesses underwent transformational change. Following this experience, Sachin made it his mission to share this information to help teach other General Practice owners.

Teaming up with Todd, Sachin is motivated to serve a growing community of positive, successful practice owners.

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