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COVAx mass Vaccination Tools

We (Todd and Sachin) founded Scale My Clinic with the vision to improve community healthcare and the lives of our General Practice Owners by building financially sustainable Practices. Getting to this stage by showing up and investing in your business development proves that this is something you are serious about too. In recognition of that, whether you join our Project X community of General Practice Owner’s or not, we believe in the advancement of all General Practices and would like to share with you some of our most highly valued resources that are usually only for the eyes of our Project X members.
The following information is included;
  • We’ve done the work for you! With our Room and Grid models for a successful rollout of the Covid Vaccine.
  • Our Communication Power Formula and WIFLE strategy. We show you how to effectively communicate with your team and tackle those more difficult conversations.
  • Learn how to reach that Peak Performance and Mindset through teachings only shared with our Project X members until now!
  • See what’s possible when our members find $10,000+ hidden within their practice.
Communication Power Formula and our WIFLE strategy

Todd Herman – Peak Performance and Mindset Talk

$10k in 24 hours

The 8 Principles for Mass COVID Vax in Australian GP Clinics

COVID Vax room and cubicle Model

COVID Vax GRID Model Walkthrough

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