Unlock the Secrets of VPR:
Boost Your Clinic's Patient Enrolment with Our Exclusive Online Conference

Day 1 ( 25th August 2023 )

Session 1

Workforce Planning Strategies to Optimise the VPR Opportunity and Grow Your Clinic™

Claire Ponsford and Crystal Howell

Claire Ponsford - Founder and Director, Wavelength Group
Crystal Howell - General Manager, GP Division, Wavelength

Session 2

HR in Health – Change & Compliance™ 

Vanessa James-McPhee

Principal Workplace Consultant
- Health Industry Employment Services

Session 3

Prepare Your Team for VPR™

May Ann Abrasado

Lead Trainer, GP Hero

Session 4

Personal and Practice Finance for Doctors™

Matt Giuffre

Relationship Director, Kooyong

Session 5

VPR Data, Patient Cohorts™

Amanda Johnson

Product Manager, Cubiko

Session 6

The Bigger Picture™

Dr. Sachin Patel

General Practice Owner, Business Coach, Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

Day 2 ( 26th August 2023 )

Session 1

VPR and Financial Systems
– What You can Do NOW™

Tracey Johnson and Marcus Wilson

CEO, Inala Primary Care and CEO, Surgical Partners

Session 2

Elevating Patient Experience: Lessons from Customer Experience Benchmarks™

Agnes So

Head of Customer Experience, HotDoc

Session 3

VPR Payroll Tax Update Benchmarking™

Brooke Todd

CA Manager, William Buck

Session 4

Foundations of a Good Practice™

Clair Whitehead and Julian Whitehead

Director, Whitehead Legal and Partner, Whitehead Legal

Session 5

Empower Your Financials By
Elevating Your Bookkeeping™

Tharushi Athukorala and Ryan Sela

Bookkeeper, GP Bookkeeper and General Manager, GP Bookkeeper

Session 6

Patient Registration Roadmap™

Dr. Todd Cameron

General Practice Owner, Business Coach, Co-Founder – M3Health and Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

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