SGPO February 2023

Day 1 ( 24th February 2023 )

Session 1

Battered, Bruised and Brimming With Opportunity – General Practice in 2023 and Beyond

Dr. Sachin Patel

General Practice Owner, Business Coach, Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

Session 2

HR can be a pain in the bum – 4 tried and tested tactics to simplify HR

George Sotiris

Director – Health Industry Employment Services

Session 3

The Five Legal Pillars for Owners to avoid pain like you would not believe possible!

Julian Whitehead

Whitehead Legal

Session 4

The Future of Recruitment and Retention – Why Employee Experience is Key to Success

Claire Ponsford

Co-Founder and owner – Wavelength International

Session 5

Ka-ching! Accounting strategies to keep more in your pocket

Paul Copeland

Director – William Buck

Session 6

“How Savvy Practices Get A Year’s Worth Of Work Done In A Month”

Kody Thompson

Director, Lightning Sites & Director, GP Hero

Day 2 ( 25th February 2022 )

Bonus Session

Payroll Tax: Ask the experts

Q&A sessions with leading industry experts

Session 1

The Billing Success Recipe – 5 Steps to practice sustainability from our Cubiko data deep dive

Chris Smeed

Co-founder & CEO – Cubiko

Session 2

5 Ways that your Bookkeeper will make you go broke and how to protect yourself

Ryan Sela

General Manager – GP Bookkeeper

Session 3

The digital future of practice financial management

Marcus Wilson

CEO – Surgical Partners

Session 4

The IT security and redundancy Magic Bullet. Is there one?

Jim Doumakis


Session 5

The $500,000 Nurse Led Clinic Upgrade

Sarah Boorman

Co-Owner of Clinic Academy

Session 6

The Money or Your Life – Are there better alternatives as an owner?

Dr Todd Cameron

Co-Founder – M3Health and Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic