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If you’re a GP looking for a safe space full of other GPs where you can rub shoulders with others in your industry, keep reading. You’re gonna love this. Oh, and did we mention the trainings are completely free? 😀

We have a strong screening process when admitting new members, it's mandatory to answer the questions that are posed when requesting to join the SGPO group. The SGPO group is a community who share common professional interests; this is a place to share, learn and grow.

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What SGPO is all about


As a GP owner, you get how important it is to work with and learn from the best. That’s why Scale My Clinic provides you (and other GP owners like you!) a safe, welcoming, informative, entertaining, and, most importantly, educational space to connect, learn, and grow.

Learn & Scale

We offer our GP owners tons of resources to help scale their clinics to bigger and better practices! Still need a bit of convincing? Check out any of our FREE guides, worksheets, webinars, trainings, and live videos to see what we’re talking about. 📝

We have worked for years to form and expand this group so we can all succeed together because we believe rising tides lift all boats. ⬆️

Constant Support

Our SGPO Facebook Group is a platform designed to let GP owners share their stories, philosophies, journeys, and wisdom from their years in the field. By joining us, you’ll get access to even more extras like Q&A sessions with fellow GP owners, insight strategies, tips, tricks, news, industry-specific content, and so much more! Join our Facebook group, so you can level up your practice in no time.

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We have meticulously formed this group with outstanding GP
Owners to earn victory together, and above all, it’s FREE!