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The Practice Blueprint and Self-Scoring Your Performance

Scoring my Practice Blueprint and what it means to my future as a Practice Owner

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On Demand Training for General Practice Owners

Here are the educational webinars available to members of The Academy.
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  • How To Make Your General Practice Thrive In The Quiet Summer
  • Clinic Designs And Layouts For Now And The Future Focusing
  • Model Methods
  • Critical Numbers
  • Automating Processes In Your General Practice For Scale
  • Sublease Magic
  • Show Me The Numbers
  • 5 Ways To Rapidly Improve Your General Practice Revenue
  • How Do I Cut Overheads Without Damaging My Business?
  • Structuring For Success
  • Borrowing To Grow My Practice
  • Marketing Without The AHPRA Hassles
  • Avoiding Shared Debt Recovery
  • Fraud Detection 101 And Easy, Simple GP Distribution Solutions
  • Economic Update – CBA
  • Marketing To Your Ideal Patient Avatars And Measuring The Return In Your ‘Marketing Funnels’
  • How Fit For Purpose If Your Financial Structure?
  • How Do I Create Scalable Phone Systems?
  • Financial Returns And What Is Possible From Your General Practice
  • Mass Vaccination Workshop
  • Genius Futures
  • Immunise For Impact- Part 1
  • Immunise For Impact- Part 2
  • The Model Blueprint
  • 5 ways to rapidly improve your General Practice Revenue

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  • Robotext Defender™
  • The Patient Activator
  • How To Fill Your General Practice Appointment Fast
  • Elevating Employee Performance
  • GP Recruitment Made Easy


  • How GP Owners Can Avoid Medicare Audit And Sleep At Night
  • GP Connector
  • Peak Performance And Leadership
  • Data Driven Improvement
  • Leadership And Personal Time
  • Leadership In Tough Times


2021 will bring unprecedented challenges and opportunities for General Practice Owners, and we want you to be ready to meet the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities. If you are serious about getting the best out of your General Practice, then book now. Missing this content may leave you behind many competitors and peers.

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