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The Successful General Practice


As a doctor, you’ve dedicated your entire career (and most of your life) to helping other people. You want to have the deepest, most positive impact you can possibly have on your community.
Ultimate General Practice Revenue Finder™
In This Bundle we’ll walk you through some real life examples and some actionable tactics General Practice Owners are using to uncover significant revenue within their Practice.
A Short Webinar Targeting different Areas of your General practice
Fill Your General Practice Appointments™
The Patient Activator one day intensive:
In this webinar Dr. Sachin and Dr. Todd will walk you through how you can best find new patients in your Practice as well as engaging your current patients to serve them better.

We exist to get General Practice Owners
their lives back through business excellence

General Practice Recruitment™
Thinking to solve the single biggest problem many General practice owners want to but can’t?

Recruiting GPs might be simple but not easy.

So, this is for you! You will get:

–  How to plan the recruitment to attract right GP for your clinic.

– Important piece for General Practice Owners to attract more GPs. Helps to get inside the minds of your Gps, making sure you are meeting their needs, serving them to the best of your abilities and in a way they want.

Leadership Guide For General Practice Owners™
In this world of uncertainty how you can fortify your General Practice clinics… and even come stronger.
Some of the people working with us have put themselves in a position to receive several hundred thousands dollars to mitigate the current downstream.
“The results are astonishing”

For Practice Owners & Support Teams

What’s Next?

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