Don’t let rising costs sink you, 2-3X your profits with proven profit protection strategies for GP Clinics in 2024.

Day 1 ( 22nd February 2024 )

Session 1

Invisible Income: Revealing Hidden Profits

Dr Sachin Patel

General Practice Owner, Business Coach, Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

Session 2

Embracing Innovation: Elevate Your Practice with Data

Chris Smeed

Co-founder & CEO – Cubiko

Session 3

Cutting through the Chaos; Streamlining Administration in General Practice

Sarah Boorman

Integrator - GP Hero

Session 4

Flow of funds solutions and Dr. WalletTM

Marcus Wilson

CEO – Surgical Partners

Session 5

Payroll tax update and some extra cool accounting and tax stuff!

Paul Copeland

Director– William Buck

Session 6

Streamlined Financial Operations- Simplifying Bookkeeping for Medical Practices

Ryan Sela

General Manager– GP Bookkeeper

Day 2 ( 23rd February 2024 )

Session 1

Embracing Legislative Change & Taking a Pro-active approach to HR

George Sotiris

Director – Health Industry Employment Services

Session 2

Understanding the Legal Risks, Navigating Changes and Exploring Opportunities for Your Practice

Julian Whitehead

Partner – Whitehead Legal

Session 3

GP Retention – Why Drs Leave and How to Prevent It

Crystal Howell

General Manager, General Practice and Hospital Services Division

Max Drakeley

Team Leader, General Practice

Session 4

Going Paperless

Brendan Kennedy

JOSE Health IT

Session 5

5 Reasons Training for Nurses in General Practice Sucks!

Sarah Boorman

Co-Owner - Clinic Academy

Session 6

The Owner’s Pay

Dr Todd Cameron

General Practice Owner, Business Coach, Co-Founder – Scale My Clinic

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