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Is This Call for You?

Are you a GP Owner ready to scale your Clinic quickly?

Do you want to attract patients willing to pay premium prices?

Are you looking to build a top-performing team and culture?

Do you need strategies for creating new income sources and increasing profits?

Are you ready to implement comprehensive strategies to transform your Clinic’s financial future?

If you nodded yes to any of these, this call is designed just for you.

This is not another step in the registration process – it is an exclusive opportunity to get personalised guidance and jumpstart your Clinic’s growth.

Why This Call Can Make a Difference

I am offering this call to our community of GP Owners because I understand the urgency and the desire to grow your business NOW, not later. Normally valued at $555, this consultation is available to you for FREE as part of our commitment to supporting fellow GP Owners.

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Our Client's results speak for themselves…

Highly recommends the webinar, praising its fantastic support, solidarity, and cost-saving benefits.

Nerida McDonald

Owner - Walker Street Doctors

The speaker expresses great satisfaction with the webinar, highlighting its support in achieving professional goals such as finding a new Practice, recruiting staff, and developing a retirement plan.

They emphasize the webinar's effectiveness in providing solidarity and support, making it highly recommended for other solo Practice Owners.

Despite its small cost, the webinar has resulted in significant savings and support for the speaker, making it a valuable resource.

Highlighting its value in personal and professional development, networking, and idea exchange.

Rebecca Whitehurst

Practice Manager - Grove Medical

Praise the webinar for its invaluable support and community, noting that every good thing they've implemented came from attending. They appreciate the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and receive practical solutions to their problems.

The webinar has also positively impacted their personal growth, relationships, and work-life balance, making them better individuals and leaders.

They highly recommend the webinar for its comprehensive approach to growth and development, encompassing business and personal aspects.

Highly praised for its support, community, and accountability, especially valuable for GP owners, Practice managers, and nurse teams.

Teruni Karunaratna

Practice Manager - Forest Hill Family Clinic

Webinar's effectiveness in providing support and community, particularly valuable for those feeling isolated in their professional journey. They appreciate the weekly catch-ups, which help them stay focused and understand that others are facing similar challenges.

The webinar's format allows for the exchange of ideas and practical solutions to common problems, enhancing their professional development. The speakers also value the accountability aspect, with team members following up on tasks and ensuring progress.

Overall, they highly recommend the webinar for its supportive and collaborative environment, emphasizing its benefits for GP Owners, Practice managers, and nurse teams alike.

Highly praised for its networking opportunities, practical takeaways, and valuable information, leading to improvements in Practice management and income.

Kieren Parton

Owner - One Life Medical

The positive experience of meeting others in similar professional situations and learning from their experiences. They appreciate the practical takeaways from the webinar, which they can implement to improve their Practice and increase income.

Key issues addressed include increasing income and GP recruitment. The speaker also values the wealth of information available on the webinar's website and through support channels.

They recommend the webinar, noting its helpfulness and the value of its webinars and networking opportunities.

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