Day 1 ( 7th August 2021 )

Session 1

The Growth Cycle Of A Clinic

Dr Sachin Patel

Founder & Director - Aged Care GP and Co-Founder - Scale My Clinic

Session 2

The Power Of Branding To Attract Doctors and Patients

Lee Selsick​

Co-Founder - Next Brand

Session 3

GP recruitment - Stand out in a GP Drought

Claire Ponsford

Co-Founder and owner – Wavelength International

Session 4

Clinic Design That Attracts GPs and Patients

Mike Watson

Founder and Director - Design Doctors Australia

Session 5

The Accounting Roadmap

Paul Copeland

Director - William Buck

Session 6

Leaders Journey

Dr Emily Carroll

Co-Owner - Pear Tree Family Practice

Day 2 ( 8th August 2021 )

Session 1

How to create the best place to work in the universe

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Dr Amantha Imber

Founder - Inventium

Session 2

Digital health solutions driving improvements in service delivery, clinical outcomes and patient experience

Lachlan McPherson

Founder & Director - Healthsite

Session 3

Don’t drop the ball during the pandemic

Chris Smeed

Co-founder & CEO - Cubiko

Session 4

Five Steps to Bigger Profits

Dr Todd Cameron

Co-Founder - M3Health and Co-Founder - Scale My Clinic

Session 5

Slick Systems To Impress Your GP Team

Marcus Wilson

CEO - Surgical Partners

Session 6

Panel Discussion