Project X is Australia’s only Business coaching service exclusively for GP owners.
We offer premium services in the following 12 ways so you can achieve success in your General Practice business.And, conveniently, we have it all in the one place and the one program. Servicing privately owned solo practices and practice groups from start up to 60 plus clinics, there is a complete business upgrade waiting for you, for where you are at.If more time, money and freedom is why you started your GP business, then let us help you achieve your dreams.

30 years of experience:

Todd and Sachin have over 30 years experience in practice ownership

100’s of success stories:

Our GP ownership success stories grow every. single. day.

Daily in person support

Every day there is access to live, in person support so you never get stuck

3x Major conferences/year:

Intensive weekends deliver results with your team every time

100 additional events:

to keep you and your team aligned and succeeding

SGPO Conference Tickets:

Build your network and your knowledge with leading experts

GP Growth Library:

a library full of step by step practical recordings on GP ownership success strategies

Built in Accountability:

Be kept accountable to your success with our unique accountability systems

PX Community:

Be apart of a community with other growth minded, success driven owners

MBS Management:

Sleep easier and reduce risk with our MBS risk management module

CDM Success:

Support team and patients for CDM success without the headaches

Niche Service Support:

Have a clinic with skin or cosmetic branch? This business series is for you!

Here’s How It Works

Project X is our signature program designed to give you clarity, direction and the tools to achieve your business goals. We work with General Practice Owners who are looking for the education, support and advice to help propel their clinic growth.

Firstly, there’s an application process. We know the key ingredients for success as a GP Owner and we believe General Practice Owners deserve success in heart, mind and wallet. For us that means creating impact in your community, knowing you’re doing a great job and ensuring you get the financial rewards you deserve. Once you have a plan there’s two things you typically need, the Tools to help you quickly implement the plan and some help when you are stuck so that you can keep moving with implementations and achieve a successful outcome.

Do You Qualify?

We only work with Owners who can say ‘Yes’ to ALL of these statements

Can you invest 2 hours per week in improvement activities?

You are

You can allocate a budget for coaching and improvement?

You are

What You Get

Success is increased by including your Implementation Buddy (Typically your Practice Manager) with access to all content and Facebook Community. Finally, ALL team members can access the materials, which means your team is aligned for SUCCESS!


You can invest 2 hours per week in
improvement activities


Webinar based content so that you can enjoy the learning at a time and place convenient for you


FB Closed group for your support, encouragement and assistance

Worksheets and

to allow fast implementation and
FAST results.

Exclusive access to our
member resources

The Hive mind is smarter than any one!

Client Results

Who We Have Worked With