Join the Business Coaches who have dedicated themselves to help General Practice Owners achieve their dreams. Dr. Cameron & Dr. Patel will share insights about scaling your business. Get to know their stories, their philosophies, their journeys and, more importantly, their wisdom.

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Episode 1

The Importance Of Running Your Clinic Like a Proper Business

Privately held clinics are at the heart of the healthcare system, and GP Owners need to revamp their businesses to ensure sustainable business growth while … Read More

Episode 2

The Vaccine Roll Out - What steps Should GPs Take?

Are privately held clinics having to tidy up another person’s mess and not even being paid their due? What steps should  .. Read More

Episode 3

Viability of General Practice - what should we do today to be around tomorrow!

Getting finances right is a key to the viability of the business of General Practice Ownership.  … Read More

Episode 4

How do I Ensure Improvement of My Practice Performance?

The aspiration of the Scale My Clinic duo is to help General Practice Owners make their Clinic / General Practice into a reliable asset. .. Read More

Episode 5

Fundamentals of Privately Held Clinics in Australia

What do you think goes into running a successful General Practice? Most of you would say that’s a no-brainer- it’s doctors. Read More

Episode 6

What Right Do We Have to Talk to You About Scaling their Practice?

If you are a GP owner like Todd and Sachin, this podcast is compulsory listening. Listen to them walk you through their journey,.. Read More

Episode 7

Who is the customer when it comes to a clinic?

Convention says that Patients are the customers. After all, a clinic needs new patients to survive, grow and progress .. Read More

Episode 8

Business Fundamentals for Privately-Held Practices - CLINIC101

Clinic 101 as we’re calling it, will walk you through the fundamentals of operating a General Practice. We will follow the money.. Read More

Episode 9

The importance of a dream team

People are the most important componant in any business, and even more so in healthcare. Your dream team is the catalyst to your growth and success. Read More

Episode 10

The Value of a mastermind advisory team

At Scale My Clinic one of our favourite phrases is ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’. As clinicians and GP … Read More

Episode 11


We come across quite a lot of people who say this out loud. Let’s face it, at the start of our careers even we thought that coaching was not necessary.  Read More

Episode 12


Before you burn 6 months of the year ‘preparing for accreditation’ remember that accreditation is not an aspirational goal for business excellence.  Read More

Episode 13

The Accounting Roadmap with Paul Copeland (Director - William Buck)

The issues that General Practice Owners are facing are not new, these issues have been around for a while. It’s just that we see it all bubbling…  Read More

Episode 14

Common Pain Points in Privately Held Clinics

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in and out!!!! … What keeps pushing you down and away from your gowth plan? This episode highlights…  Read More

Episode 15

Clinic Design That Attracts GPs and Patients With Mike Watson(Founder and Director - Design Doctors Australia)

Yes, what you see on the outside does matter…  Read More

Episode 16

Know Your (MBS) Numbers

MBS numbers, the cause for much angst among GP Owners as you know it’s a dynamic numbering system. In this episode we’ll give you an overview of the item numbers you should know.  Read More

Episode 17

Don’t Drop the Ball During the Pandemic with Chris Smeed(Co-founder & CEO - Cubiko)

Have the GP Owners forgotten or taken a step back from the core business of …  Read More

Episode 18


There are 3 areas of focus when designing a clinic to get the best return on investment;. . .  Read More

Episode 19 - Special Podcast

SRO GP CLINIC PAYROLL TAX RISK - Part 1 Overview of the recent NSW ruling on GP clinic doctors as employees

A tri series podcast on the recent ‘ground shaking’ moves that have taken the General Practice Community by storm!

Episode 20 - Special Podcast

SRO GP CLINIC PAYROLL TAX RISK - Part 2 Lessons learned from the NSW case. What’s new, what’s already known?

A tri series podcast on the recent ‘ground shaking’ moves that have taken the General Practice Community by storm!

Episode 21 - Special Podcast

SRO GP CLINIC PAYROLL TAX RISK - Part 3 Where to for General Practice Owners now?

A tri series podcast on the recent ‘ground shaking’ moves that have taken the General Practice Community by storm!

Episode 22

Wealth & Value Creation through Practice Ownership with Paul Copeland(Director - William Buck)

We start our own Practice for many  . .  Read More

Episode 23

Waiting rooms that WOW with Mike Watson(Founder and Director - Design Doctors Australia)

One of the Big 3 – The Waiting Rooms does make a difference to the ‘clinic experience’ Really? Read More

Episode 24

Consulting Rooms for GSD with Mike Watson(Founder and Director - Design Doctors Australia)

Do you know what should you focus on when creating a great consultation room.  Read More

Episode 25

GP Recruitment – Stand out in a GP Drought with Claire Ponsford(Co-Founder and owner – Wavelength International)

Does your clinic have enough practitioners …  Read More

Episode 26

The Power Of Branding To Attract Doctors and Patients with Lee Selsick(Co-Founder at Next Brand)

Branding is a reflection of your dream clinic and it goes beyond designing your logo.  Read More

Episode 27


COVID-19 virus is still among us. It’s still ….  Read More

Episode 28

Elevating employee performance with Tom Crapp(Director - HR 4 GP)

People! At the end of the day, our people make the difference in people retention. Our teams, anyone in the healthcare industry has been hit by …  Read More

Episode 29

Running your Practice from the cloud. Daniel Church (Founder & Managing Director DJC Systems)

With all that’s going on using technology to leverage your practice seems to be the best option. ….  Read More

Episode 30


Scalable phone systems are when you have a communication system that you can easily upgrade without it disrupting your operations in the clinic. ….  Read More

Episode 31

Slick Systems To Impress Your GP Team
- Marcus Wilson (CEO - Surgical Partners)

Not many people enjoy change. Your team might have had a few experiences ….  Read More


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