Get the phone to ringtm

Get the phone to ringtm

Give yourself a score for how hard it’s been for you to recruit GPs. How many GPs answered your ad, and of those who answered how many were remotely similar to your ideal avatar??

What if I tell you that ‘Yes, there is a way to get your phone ringing’ in answer to your ads and that you may even say no to some of the applicants.
What you need is a slight mental shift that makes the whole process easier.

The first thing is to recognise that it’s a jungle out there and thanks to the macro environment it is a buyers market.
It will be a bit tough but that’s totally ok.
The key is for you to make a commitment to yourself first; tell yourself that you will only take on people who will fit in well with you and your practice.

You then put in place strategies to streamline your process and make it work for you.
When you make this internal change you act on the basis that you WILL get the people you want. You need to shift your belief and ….

  • Unpack Your Genius
  • Unpack The Objections
  • Map The Journey