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The Practice Blueprint and Self-Scoring Your Performance

Scoring my Practice Blueprint and what it means to my future as a Practice Owner

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Hear from some of our General Practice Owners who have been involved with Scale My Clinic.

Dr Gaurang Prajapati

Westwood Medical Centre

“When I did the Treasure Hunt and heard some testimonials on what Project X actually provides, I thought the time has come to get on board the ship because I really needed to step up as a business Owner.”

Dr Catherine Bacus

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“I actually started doing some one-on-one coaching with Sachin in 2017. And then after about a year, he said I’m just going to be taking a bit of a step back from one-on-one. I’m just doing this little bit of a gig with Todd Cameron. I’ll let you know more about”

Dr Robin Hall

Stafford Street Medical Home

“It’s been fantastic two days of useful information. I think there’s the huge takeaway for me is to take action some of the recommendations from the speakers. “

Dr Naomi Gleadow

Cranbrook Medical

“I joined Project X almost three years ago and I found out about it through the scale my clinic Facebook page. I joined the group just so I could have some insight and learn from people who had done it before which actually I think accelerated.”

Dr Mark Sujecki

Mount Martha Village Clinic

“It’s been a very interesting conference very well. Run good protocols good speakers. It addresses most of the issues of general practice quite well brings up a lot of questions and a lot of thoughts but also provides people with opportunities to … “

Dr Margaret Bryce & Clodagh O’Doherty

The BenNElong Medical Clinic

“When did we join Project X at 18 months ago? Yeah, they joined it 18 months months ago mainly to get a mentorship for Clodagh as she was starting in general practice. She hadn’t done general practice before it has really allowed us to have the confidence to grow”

Dr Sarah McLay


“I needed help, I knew it was going to be a huge task to open up a business in an extremely demanding environment. This was the first opportunity that I have for support, and collegial help and networking.”.

Dr Alex Richardson

Nelson Plaza Clinic

“Project X gave us the kind of enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial way of thinking to go beyond …”

Dr Mary Wyatt


“I’m a new practice owner, so I decided to join to learn from experts and be coached. It’s a structured program, in a room with multiple experienced practice owners and it’s given me the structure that I need.”