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Success stories of some of our members 

Dr Emily Carroll & Dr Kristin Mclaughlin

Pear tree family practice

“We joined scale my clinic at very beginning. Back in April 2019.and I would describe it as a best decision ever.but this was a really good one.”

Dr Gaurang Prajapati

Westwood Medical Centre

“When I did the Treasure Hunt and heard some testimonials on what Project X actually provides, I thought the time has come to get on board the ship because I really needed to step up as a business Owner.”

Dr Annie Marshall

Rozelle total health

“I’ve been with Scale my clinic since early 2020,so just right about when Covid hit,it was more surrounding myself with people that have similar, commitments,similar passions, and similar sort of mindsets to sort of collaborate and come up with better versions of.”

Dr Margaret Bryce & Clodagh O’Doherty

The BenNElong Medical Clinic

“When did we join Project X at 18 months ago? Yeah, they joined it 18 months months ago mainly to get a mentorship for Clodagh as she was starting in general practice. She hadn’t done general practice before it has really allowed us to have the confidence to grow”

Dr Alex Richardson

Nelson Plaza Clinic

“Project X gave us the kind of enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial way of thinking to go beyond …”

Dr Naomi Gleadow

Cranbrook Medical

“I joined Project X almost three years ago and I found out about it through the scale my clinic Facebook page. I joined the group just so I could have some insight and learn from people who had done it before which actually I think accelerated.”

Bill Palmer

Bauhinia Health

So, you know, we found Project X November 2022. We love it dearly here. First time we’ve actually physically met project X’s. zoom or facebook whenever we’ve had a question. We can just put it up onto Project X facebook page and Ask that question

Anjali Palmer

Bauhinia Health

“We joined Project X right at the start of our journey. In fact before we’d even established the clinic. The reason we’ve joined is because there’s so much value in being a member of Project X.


Cass Quilty

Forest hill family clinic

“Join Project X just two years ago to be honest. It’s changed my life. So as a practice owner, I found it very lonely. I had you know a great team of doctors and staff but I didn’t have anyone that was sort of on my level who could talk about business. “

Dr Catherine Bacus

Alevia medical weight loss

“I actually started doing some one-on-one coaching with Sachin in 2017. And then after about a year, he said I’m just going to be taking a bit of a step back from one-on-one. I’m just doing this little bit of a gig with Todd Cameron. I’ll let you know more about”

Dr Robin Hall

Stafford Street Medical Home

“It’s been fantastic two days of useful information. I think there’s the huge takeaway for me is to take action some of the recommendations from the speakers. “

Jonathon Somers

Emerald Medical Centre

So I started with Project X from colleagues letting me know about Project X and then knowing Todd Cameron through meeting in three different few conferences and then joining few of his free webinars that he put on and I really felt …