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What People Are Saying


“The Red Pill Program is the only spontaneous decision we have made that has ended well! Red Pill has helped us to change the way we think about the business of general practice as well as educating us in the business of general practice. The entire team have been incredibly generous with their time, particularly Todd Cameron who has taught us negotiation 101 and always been available to fact check with. Red Pill provides a clear, simple framework to push us to the next level, with excellent accompanying support. We would highly recommend the red pill program to all general practice owners. There is a wealth of knowledge to take back to the practice and implement.”

Dr Emily Carroll and
Dr Kristin McLaughlin
Pear Tree Family Practice


We’ve been a part of Project X through Scale my clinic, and the support has been great. The intensives, the areas to focus on for business improvement, and the collegiality has really sharpened our focus about how to make a fantastic general practice, and how to run it better. Each improvement works on both great clinical outcomes, as well as improving your financial bottom dollar. I look forward to the webinars, and even more so to the intensives. When was the last time you looked forward to going to a lecture?”

Dr Daniel Chanisheff
Green Square Health


We started our practice with a clear vision of being an excellent practice and we were (and are) an excellent practice but we didn’t feel that our financial underpinnings mirrored our excellence in practice…Coaching lets you get better faster, compressing the PDSA cycle. More cycles frequently, equals compounded benefits. While correlation is not causation and we have some confounders, but I estimate the content from Todd and Sachin has seen a 5-10% increase in revenue and 5-10% reduction in costs with specific benefits seen in pathology interactions, CDM usage, improved meetings all with more cash and more time off.

Dr. Nick T

What Our Clients Say