Episode 5

Fundamentals of Privately Held Clinics in Australia



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What do you think goes into running a successful General Practice? Most of you would say that’s a no-brainer- it’s doctors. The Practice with the best doctors will always be successful.

That’s true…we don’t deny that. Having a bunch of excellent GPs is critical.

But is that enough? Look around you…there is fierce competition among Family Medicine centers. Having good, skilled doctors alone doesn’t cut it anymore. You need more, much more to succeed.
Like a great team working with the doctors. Or hard-working nurses who often act as an extension of the Doctors… multiplying their efforts. And committed Administrative Staff.

Working silently behind the scenes to ensure the clinic hums along smoothly… as they care of Billing, Appointment Scheduling, Patient Reminders etc. And finally, let’s not forget the Billing. Is the clinic Bulk Billing, Private Billing or Mixed Billing? For a lot of new patients, that’s a really big deal, isn’t it? Clearly operating a successful General Practice is about so many different factors.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. At Scale my Clinic, we understand what it takes to build a successful General Practice. And we offer you insights that have been tried and tested over 35 years.