Episode 6

What Right Do We Have to Talk to You About Scaling Your Practice?



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If you are a GP owner like Todd and Sachin, this podcast is compulsory listening. Listen to them walk you through their journey, their childhood experiences and the choices they made as Doctors and General Practice owners that led them to start Scale My Clinic and how it can help your practice too.

Scale My Clinic started out, as Todd and Sachin reveal, with a simple goal: How do you help General Practice owners extract the maximum value from their practice. After all as Practices start doing better, it automatically percolates down to other things: Better conditions at the clinic, better treatment of staff and obviously, better quality of healthcare for patients. As Todd always says ‘General Practice is like bread & milk at supermarkets. May not be high profile but absolutely essential and the No.1 item on anyone’s shopping list.’

Sachin and Todd are well suited to talk about this subject because of their own backgrounds. In Sachin’s case, his initiation into ‘business’ started as an 11-year-old helping out in his family’s drug store. After a management degree from Imperial College, London Sachin moved down under started his own General Practice. A life event led him to consult a Life Coach which grew into interest at first, and then a passion for helping other GP owners scale up their own business. In Todd’s case, it started from having exposure to doctors and hospitals from a young age because of an Asthma problem. It led him to consider a career in medicine, then his own General Practice and finally to Scale My Clinic.

Apart from a shared interest in helping GP owners, both Sachin and Todd, as owners themselves, know all too well how General Practices are literally under attack in Australia. For something so vital to the health of a community, it’s almost shocking the way General Practices are treated by the authorities. Just blow after blow after blow raining down in the form of regulations, taxation, subsidies, you name it.

Just one statistic will tell you all you need to know about the condition of General Practices in Australia: 84% of Australians see a GP once a year and yet Australia has to import more than 50% of doctors from outside. Clearly, all is not well with General Practices at home.

To listen to Sachin and Todd take you through their journey, download the podcast here.

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