Episode 7

Who is the customer when it comes to a clinic?



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Convention says that Patients are the customers. After all, a clinic needs new patients to survive, grow and progress. And that is certainly true. But are Patients the only customers of a Practice?
And are they the most IMPORTANT customers? The answer to that is where things get interesting.

Ask yourself: What would hurt your Practice more? The loss of a single patient or the loss of a Clinician or GP? The answer is probably the latter. The loss of a good GP is hard to quantify and not easy to replace. It makes sense therefore for Practices to pay attention to Recruitment. And create professional work conditions which keep your primary customer happy. Because at the end of the day, retention is easier and less expensive than recruiting newer Clinicians all the time. But that’s easier said than done.

Which is why you need to tune into the podcast to find out more. As always, we ask that you take something out of this podcast and try to implement it in your daily practice. Also don’t forget to comment, like and share. Thanks for listening!